Ноябрь 21, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Poncelet Cheese Bar Barcelona by estudi{H}ac

After years of operation in Madrid, the shop specialised in Poncelet cheeses opens its innovative restaurant concept in Barcelona: the Poncelet Cheese Bar, a gastronomic space which has been designed by the estudi{H}ac interior design studio. The space chosen for the new gastronomic space of the company is integrated in the lower floor of the Hotel Meliá Sarrià in Barcelona.

The premises, 400 square metres in surface area, offers a space specially designed for lovers of cheese and the culture which surrounds it, where visitors can taste a wide variety of select products of high quality, served in a majestic diamond shaped cheese cellar.

The space is laid out in various different atmospheres, which are for different uses in the premises. In the reception we find a lounge area with a full library about cheese and its culture; in the interior of the room, a vertical garden brings freshness to the space; while the private area offers a welcoming atmosphere predominated by a large communal table which gives the space a family atmosphere.

To achieve an atmosphere which matches the personality of Poncelet, estudi{H}ac has used noble materials such as wood in the interior design, very present in the traditional production of cheese, in contrast with new generation materials such as Krion®, the compact mineral developed by PORCELANOSA Group.  

Thus, all the bars in the premises have been made with the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group, from the welcome desk to the cocktail bar and the master Cheese bar, with a curved, double high design, to observe the master cheesemonger and the tasting of delicious dishes where cheese is predominant. Fusteria Mira has been the Company in charge of these three elements made from Krion®. They have also employed it in the mosaics project by L’Antic Colonial.

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