Июль 24, 2015 | Updated: Январь 22, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: NH Eurobuilding Hotel, in Madrid

Technology for relaxation. This is the NH Eurobuilding Hotel design for the demanding hotel demand in Madrid, since the design of the latest hotel renovation has been considered whilst taking into account the scientific rigour that any guest’s sleep time requires. The result turns out to be a hotel which breathes technology, science and technique that are used in interior design.

It is under this concept that the NH Collection Eurobuilding interior design team has meticulously designed the Living Lab rooms by making use of furniture developed by the innovative Krion® Solid Surface. Four spaces where advanced technology can be experienced, such as the wireless devices which allow the inductive carging of smartphone batteries thanks to the power transmission that goes through the furniture to the devices.

As an innovative Krion® contribution, thanks to the possibility of the backlighting of the cutting-edge solid surface developed by PORCELANOSA Group, through the furniture one can also see the LED light which shows us if our device is charging.

On the other hand, calling the reception desk is done by using tablets in a way similar to a videoconference, where the hotel receptionist appears on the screen. The terrace also plays an important role in this advanced technology fusion. Furniture, made of backlit Krion®, can change its colour by means of an App which, moreover, allows us to turn music on according to time. So easy, and just like connecting your own mobile.

The technology in this hotel is linked to sustainability, since rooms are designed to guarantee a low energy consumption, 100% renewable energy and eco furniture made of 100% renewable Krion®.

Together with the Ambilight with HUE lighting systems (Personal Wireless Lighting System) and the Home Cinema Dolby Surround, all of that turns this hotel into a science-fiction like accommodation experience, in other words, a living lab for the hotel sector.

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