Январь 16, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Krion® in Hotel Zenit, San Sebastian

The Zenit Hoteles hotel chain has selected the compact material Krion® for covering the facade of its new hotel in San Sebastian, which opened its doors just a few months ago in September 2014.

Located in the central Amara neighbourhood of the city, Hotel Zenit San Sebastian offers its guests an urban environment, fully equipped with modern facilities. In line with this commitment to innovation, architect Izaskun Larrazábal, head of Ezketa S.L.P., has created an original ventilated facade covered with Krion®, the new generation solid surface, for this four star hotel.

For the installation of the ventilated facade of the hotel, the Butech hidden anchoring system has been used. Three of the sides of the building have been covered with plates of Krion® Snow White, totalling 3,200 square metres. In the rear side of the building, the 186 square metres of plates of the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group curve to suggest movement, giving the impression of rocking in the wind. Continuing with this same avant garde, mould-breaking aesthetic, in the reception of the hotel we find a reception desk also made with the compact mineral Krion®.

As well as the ventilated facade’s contribution to the energy efficiency of the building through the system which allows thermic and acoustic isolation for the 80 rooms of the hotel, the irregular shapes of the upper part of the building, the combination of angular shapes with curves, and the interplay of volumes of the building’s exterior indicate that Hotel Zenit San Sebastian is going to become one of the most recognisable constructions of the cosmopolitan Basque city’s skyline.

The creator of the project explains the meaning of this extraordinary design as being the wish to create a design with its own personality. Thus, Izaskun Larrazábal has conceived the building as a sculptured piece which emerges from a pedestal, supported on a continuous plinth corresponding to the lower floors. As the building rises, its surface fragments, giving space to practical terraces, achieving a dynamic and contemporary appearance.

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