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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Iván Mañero Beauty Clinic, Barcelona

According to Iván Mañero, harmony, balance and symmetry, all of them together, define beauty.  This conception is shown by the Catalonian doctor not only in his professional work, but also in the design of his clinic in San Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona).

Dr. Mañero by himself mastered the project of the construction of his new clinic. It was supervised by Mario Corea Architecture Studio. With the aim of bringing the services together, Iván Mañero planned a complex consisting of two volumes. The main building allocates the operating rooms, medical consulting offices, 17 rooms –three suites and 14 rooms measuring more than 30 square metres-, one gym and the headquarters of the Dr. Iván Mañero’s Charity Foundation. In the second building one can find different specific treatment units: the IM Beauty Medical, Cosmetic Dentistry Unit, Cosmetic Capillary Unit and the Active Longevity Unit, allocating an Antiaging treatments area.

The integration of the cutting-edge technology and the methodical arrangement of spaces define the design of the 5,500 square metres facilities, laid out on three floors. The hall portrays the IM Clinic’s innovative spirit by means of a backlit counter by Krion®, dominated by an original lamp consisting of concentric rings which change its colour depending on the desired setting. The glazed façade and the colour white, dominating the clinic flooring and walls, reinforce the feeling of wide and brightly lit interiors. The Ston-ker® great-scaled white micro cement (80x80cm)  ceramic stone floor tile  by Porcelanosa contributes to this.

The new generation solid surface by Krion® has also been used in the café counter of the building, where the Montana Noce (by Venis) Par-ker® ceramic parquet® has been set up with the aim of getting resistant finishes and creating a comfortable setting. This model has also been used as outdoor flooring material in one of the entrances of the building.

Thanks to its anti-bacterial protection, the mineral compact developed by PORCELANOSA Group has been included in some of the communal areas of the facilities, highlighting among others the countertop basins in the public bathrooms and the backlit entrances to the clinic rooms, made by Krion® . We can also find Porcelanosa Group materials in the showers, covered with the Rodano Silver ceramic mosaic by Porcelanosa  and equipped with Noken bathroom taps.


Photo: Félix Lorenzo.

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