Ноябрь 28, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Centro de Ciência do Café, Portugal

The first European Coffee Center of Science has counted on Krion®, the solid surface by  PORCELANOSA Group, to give shape to some furniture for outdoor use which contribute to showing the fresh innovative look that one can find in its facilities.

This Coffee Center covers nearly 3.500 square metres area, and it is determined to spread the scientific culture of coffee as well as the technological and social ones from its facilities that are located on the outskirts of a Portuguese city called Campomaior, which is part of the region of Alentejo. Among some other curiosities, visitors can watch the recreation of a coffee plantation, a bean-toaster simulator and an interesting exhibition about the history of the most valued black bean throughout the main worldly coffee plantations.

The Reinadecorazones Studio is in charge of the interior decoration of this museum, which extends farther than the inside of the building. In the landscaped south outside of the building, the technical director, Óscar López, and the creative director, César Cintas, have both designed three islands, and the three of them are made up of a table which is surrounded by four benches made of Krion®. The set of three take up an area of more than 100 square metres, where a beautiful view of the nearby vineyards that are close to the centre can be enjoyed.

The new generation solid surface developed by PORCELANOSA Group, and in combination with the Cerejeira Wood, settles perfectly in the environment because of the carpentry by Santano , the project manager. The project managers have worked the design by means of a very original large table the users can sit on, lie on and even walk on. This table has been conceived “to break with the common use of the designs and in order to open the users’ minds” , according to its designers.

In conclusion, it is about a pioneer project which contributes to raising the value of the key products for the economic development of Portugal throughout a recreational and unique approach.

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