Апрель 25, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group projects: Bershka store in Valencia (Spain)

The Mediterranean city of Valencia was chosen by Inditex to open one of its largest Bershka stores. The renowned fashion company has refurbished the emblematic building in the centre of the capital of Turia (Colón street, no. 32), maintaining the neoclassical Valencian façade (1870-1880), that is protected by its historical values.The 1307 square metre establishment set on two shopping floors employed eco-sustainability in its design, meeting the LEED Platinum certification requirements. Eco-friendly materials and construction systems were used to obtain this certification, among them being the PORCELANOSA Group porcelain flooring. The modern and relaxed design which marks this company’s establishments used the 59.6×120 cm Ston-ker® Extreme porcelain flooring by Porcelanosa. The different settings in the shopping area were defined by means of different flooring colours, using Silver colours in the Women’s section, Black for the Men’s section and White for the entrance and the counter. The stairway leading to the first floor is covered with the Ston-ker® model.The building’s energy efficiency was enhanced by means of photovoltaic panels on the skylights to benefit from the natural lighting and LED low energy consumption light bulbs. A water recycling system has been installed to reduce the drinking water consumption supply by 75%, making this building a benchmark project for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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