Июль 18, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Art Vitoria Fertility Clinic

The quality of PORCELANOSA Group’s materials has led the Sousa Arquitectos Asociados architecture studio, led by architect Ismael de Sousa, to select them for one of its most demanding projects, the Art Vitoria Centre for Assisted Reproduction.In this project, the use of Krion® has been especially important, both in the facade of the building and at the heart of its facilities. The main facade of the centre has been completed with a combination of white klinker bricks and large cubes of Krion®, backlit by a system of high-brightness LEDs, achieving a modern image in line with the company’s commitment to using advanced techniques in assisted reproduction. Furthermore, thanks to the antibacterial qualities of PORCELANOSA Group’s solid surface, in the operating room and in the laboratory walls of White Krion® are included, while for the floor of the laboratory Black Krion® has been chosen.For the interior design of the centre, high quality materials such as stainless steel, wood and glass have been used, carefully chosen to achieve a comfortable atmosphere where the brightness of the space is enhanced by the predominance of the white walls, furnishings and decoration.The space is arranged in two levels. The central area, designated as the clinic’s reception is lit by a large curtain wall installed in the main facade of the building, allowing in large amounts of natural light.Furthermore, other materials by the Group have been used in the different rooms of this modern assisted reproduction centre, such as Porcelanosa’s Matrix Antracita ceramic coverings or Venis’ Onyx Beige ceramic flooring, used in the building’s bathrooms; Venis’ Tartar Bambú Blanco covering, used in the blood sampling room; or Porcelanosa’s Malta Marfil ceramic mouldings, used for the examination rooms.For the floor of the rest of the centre, L’Antic Colonial’s Nogal Life laminate has been used. Additionally, Krion® washbasins and countertops have been included in different rooms of the building, as well as Noken’s Irta, Acro and Compact fittings.

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