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PORCELANOSA Group present in the project of Stella Cadente for Equip’Hotel

Being an international benchmark in the hotel and catering industry, the recent edition of the Equip’Hotel presented its latest hospitality trends and solutions in Paris.

In the contest, the Room Studio platform showed six hotel rooms from six different designers’ view. Among them, one can find renowned professionals such as Stella Cadente & Florian Claudel, Hicham Lahlou and Olivier Lapidus. Three young and talented designers chosen in the Talent Déco Design Contest, 2014: Régis Botta, Céline Tuzzolino- and the duo formed by Emmanuelle Gain & Laetitia Faburel.

Today we focus on the suite designed by the French designer Stella Cadente, in collaboration   with Florian Claudel. The designers were inspired by fairy-tales to create a dream-like bedroom which seeks to move the visitor to Beauty and The Beast’s castle, by means of a room surrounded by a magical mystery cloud. Stella Cadente’s studio makes use of top quality materials in order to get a design which subtly combines luxury classical touches together with very comfortable fresh elements and a modern fantasy with an unconventional atmosphere.

Stella Cadente, whilst remaining faithful to her work, strongly emphasises the shining gilt decorative elements, such as lacquering and glass by making use of dark turquoise colour tones, which are present in walls, bed-linen and velvet rugs. Therefore, framed within traditional mouldings, we can find the shining highlights of the Glacier Moon Diamond Black mosaic by L’Antic Colonial, achieving the desired effect.

In the bathroom area we find the Glove II countertop ceramic basin, defined by its circular design, and combined with the Future collection  bathroom taps, both of them by Noken, getting a classical atmosphere. We can also see another version of the  Future  bathroom taps by Noken dominating the bathtub conveying a modern impression because of the square format of its hand shower.

Stella Cadente portrays herself as a “multidisciplinary designer who unleashes her imagination” with the aim of creating narrative designs, sometimes happy ones and at other times, enigmatic ones, where rock and romanticism are merged together. She founded her own prêt-à-porter and accessories fashion style in 1991. She does this work together with other creations: interior decoration, jewellery, cosmetics and photography.

Don’t miss the complete album on Flickr about this project, checkit out following this link.

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