Июль 25, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group: Krion® Projects in Bao Hong Residential

On the 27th floor of one of the most distinctive skyscrapers of the skyline of the Taiwanese city of Tao Yuan, there is an elegant and original piece of design in Krion®, work of the Holding + Partners Design studio for the Showroom Reception Center of the company, Bao Hong Residential.The designer, Lee Bin Yan, is responsible for the cutting-edge counter that is the star feature of the Bao Hong Residential showroom, characterized as a whole by its modern interior design with a predominance of curved lines and contrasting features in black and white.Thus, the curved counter made in Krion® Snow with a three-dimensional effect, which has been created by the transformer company, Wei Hung International Co Ltd., based in Taipei, contrasts with the dark shades of the rest of the space and with the metallic shine of the decorative tubes that adorn its walls.The suggestive forms of the Krion® bar, which resembles a musical note, hide a washbasin, showing the versatility of PORCELANOSA Group’s solid surface. The glossy finish and smooth touch, similar to natural stone, give the feature an attractive and extremely modern appearance, thanks to the excellent technical features of the mineral compact.

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