Апрель 11, 2014 | Updated: Декабрь 26, 2018


POCELANOSA Group Projects: Geothermal energy at Rojales Norwegian School (Alicante)

The benefits of geothermal energy for saving energy in buildings has led the heads of Colegio Noruega in Quesada, Rojales (Alicante) to use this solution to transform underground heat into energy.

Butech was in charge of the project’s geothermal energy installation. This system shall provide 100% of the centre’s heating demands. The geothermal energy is used to maintain the functioning of the heating network by means of a under floor heating system as well as a cooling system by means of fan-coils and it also produces domestic hot water for the school.

Geothermal energy was installed at the Colegio Noruego in Rojales with a nominal power of 26 Kw, so the technicians at Butech made three 140 metre perforations and installed a 500 litre domestic water tank.

This installation is in compliance with the HE-4 Spanish Technical Building Code so unattractive thermal solar panels do not need to be installed and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

The school will get a return on their investment within 7 years and will really reduce the heating, cooling and hot water expenses. This just proves that PORCELANOSA Group building systems are profitable and sustainable, thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

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