Август 21, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Penrose by Gamadecor – a compact and practical design for contemporary bathrooms

Gamadecor’s practical approach to designing bathroom furniture is rendered perfectly in the Penrose collection by this PORCELANOSA Group firm. Gamadecor brings us a new idea that was conceived to maximise the potential of all kinds of spaces thanks to the compact design of this exclusive piece of furniture.Penrose by Gamadecor consists of two drawers designed with straight lines and large dimensions, and comes with a built-in towel rail and mirror. This piece of furniture also comprises a surface top with a built-in Gel Coat washbasin.Measuring 31.5 inches wide, this compact piece is wall-mounted, leaving space underneath so as to achieve a more visually open sensation in its geometric design. Its ample storage space is divided into two separate compartments thanks to an upper drawer hidden inside the main drawer.The towel rail uses a minimalist design and matches the drawer handle – either white or terroso –, conferring the Penrose bathroom series with a touch of contrast to achieve that all-round modern appearance. The towel rail can be fitted to the left or right and is fully integrated in the piece to form a single item.In keeping with the overall aesthetic, a mirror of the same width is the finishing touch in the Gamedecor Penrose series. The mirror can include an optional lighting system hidden behind a rim that matches the towel rail and handle, also in white or terroso.The drawers have been given an elegant textured finish that is extremely pleasant to touch. There is a choice of two colour combinations: white with terroso handle and towel rail, or terroso with white handle and towel rail. Altogether, the effect achieved is of visual harmony, blending beautifully with a great variety of surroundings and styles.

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