Сентябрь 9, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Organisation sets trends in the design of kitchens

To make the most of every last corner. This is the idea that has inspired the creation of this  G926 series kitchen by Gamadecor. Designed to contain several cupboards and areas for storing utensils and all types of products, the units in this kitchen are laid out in a right angle, thus making the most of the available space.Under the wide countertop and the cooking area, two rows of large capacity drawers have been installed, which contain different compartments inside to hold utensils at various levels, making the maximum use of the height of the unit. The internal drawers are made from solid oak with a natural finish. Among the multiple organisation options, we also find a practical solution which functions as a wine rack and spice rack, essentials in any kitchen.Continuing to make the maximum use of space, the upper area of the unit is completed with several cupboards which allow the kitchen to be organised to function comfortably. We also find several storage spaces below the countertop of the central island in which the sink is found. Made from Krion®, the countertop extends to connect the sink area with the cooking area, widening the work space at the same time as creating a bar which acts as a bridge between areas.The space is completed with a unit framing an audio-visual area, with the same finishes as the rest of the kitchen: a combination of stained natural wood veneers and textured matte white crystal, with aluminium handles fitted to the sides.With this kitchen Gamadecor has created a habitable space with a modern aesthetic, thus allowing a more social use of the kitchen.

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