Декабрь 31, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Opposite styles inspire the new ceramic parquets by Venis

Venis has just introduced two of its latest collections of ceramic parquet, which extend the wide range of flooring and coverings which perfectly simulate the textures and colour schemes of natural wood. Bruselas and Misuri are the two new products included in the Par-ker® family.

With a rustic aspect, very like the boards and wood coming from demolitions in construction processes, the surface of the Bruselas ceramic parquet reproduces the notches and grooves which show wear and tear over time. This new Par-ker® model by Venis is presented in two formats of 14.3x90cm and 22x90cm, and has two colour options: the elegant Acero version, with a whitish colour, and the warm Vintage finish, which mixes different ranges of browns.

With a more noble appearance, the Misuri ceramic parquet by Venis perfectly recreates the distinguished presence of oak, with a unique natural finish. It is also presented with two format options, with tiles of 14.3x90cm and 22x90cm, which can be combined to create modern designs with their own personality. For its creation, a careful selection of large format woods are used, which has allowed the creation of more realistic results, which faithfully represent the surface of natural wood in this Par-ker® model.

Both collections offer the technical advantages of ceramic flooring, such as higher resistance to wear and tear, which allows this wood appearance porcelain tile to be installed even in high transit areas, and remains unchanged after the effects of sun, without producing changes to its surface. Furthermore, it does not require any type of treatment and barely requires any maintenance, making it a very easy flooring to clean.

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