Апрель 15, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


News MosBuild 2014: kitchen and bathroom equipment by Gamadecor and Noken

During this edition of MosBuild, Gamadecor and Noken  showcase modern and contemporary, yet functional design solutions to make the most out of all styles of bathrooms and kitchens.

Forest by Gamadecor: maximum integration and adaptability in kitchens

The numerous customizable options for the Emotions kitchen by Gamadecor is bringing high expectation to the present edition of MosBuild with 64 different finishes in next generation natural woods, lacquers and laminates.

Among the different proposals by the company at PORCELANOSA Group, the Forest kitchen has been configured as the perfect kitchen for studios thanks to its foldable fronts which hide the kitchen’s working and storage area in one simple movement. The integrated handles around the perimeter, adjustable draws and wide array of accessories for splash-backs are just some of the design features in this Gamadecor kitchen.

Thus, it is a practical solution for multi-functional spaces which perfectly adapt to all types of settings, with 70 cm deep modules, small 6 cm plinths and tall countertops to benefit all of the space.

Imagine by Noken: luxury and exclusivity in bathrooms

With the prevailing classical lines which can be perceived in Victorian style bathrooms, Noken has reinvented this space to create exclusive settings where luxury is a reality. Thus the company at PORCELANOSA Group completes its Imagine collection with new elements: a toilet, bidet and double basin which maintain this series’ main features.

Besides its elegant design, the new Imagine toilet comes with many benefits. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by taking care of the small details, with a freestanding wall outlet design, a double wood-like lid and slow-close system.

The environment is just another factor which was kept in mind with the new toilet which was installed with an Eco 4.5 litre flush system to facilitate the responsible consumption of water.

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