Ноябрь 26, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Marbles and sandstones have the leading role in the new Venis mosaics

PORCELANOSA Group firms’ passion lies on the basis of offering the architecture and the interior decoration professionals innovative designs that fall in line with both the client and the customers’ necessities and lifestyles. That passion leads us to create new products that join the aesthetic strength of the natural materials together with the undeniable technical output of the ceramic wall tiles.

So, the timelessness of the natural stone surfaces is said to have inspired Venis to give shape to two of their latest  ceramic mosaics, Domus and Selene, the ones which reinterpret the characteristic colour schemes and textures of both the marble and the sandstone.

With its Sand finished touch, the Selene ceramic mosaic captures perfectly the grainy composition of the sandstone by means of a colour wheel, where the cream colours, the brown and the earth tones are the most notable. The 20×33,3 cm pieces are made up of rectangular tiles of different heights, therefore, we get a dynamic effect in order to coat the walls conveying a modern and elegant environment.

On the other hand, the Domus mosaic (by Venis) veining fits well in any kind of space thanks to the classical look of that their tiles’ marble appearance provides. In this case, the small pieces of each 20×33,3 cm tile is maintaining the same proportions to get walls full of harmony and balance.

Black, White, Brown, Matt Green and Mix are the five different finishing touch options that complete the Domus  ceramic mosaics collection. One can find  these five finishing options count on versions which capture the representative colour schemes of the different types of marbles, such as the black Markina, the white Carrara, the Emperor Brown marble or the green Guatemala.

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