Апрель 1, 2015 | Updated: Январь 25, 2019

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Krion®makes itself known in the Artplay centre in Moscow

PORCELANOSA Grupo has recently participated in a presentation about the solid surface Krion® in Russia, in order to give architecture and interior design professionals a chance to get to know the qualities of this compact material.

About 120 guests attended the event, held last February at the Artplay design centre in Moscow, one of the main meeting points for architecture and design in the capital.  Besides talking to attendees about innovative Krion®qualities, such as resistance and design freedom, many solid surface applications in the field of construction and interior design were shown.

Krion®, whose exclusive distributor in Moscow, Zodiac, was responsible for organizing the presentation. The attendees could see at first-hand the wide colour range and finishes by Krion®.

Additionally, the professionals who gathered there also discovered the key points to this versatile compact material, suitable for façade coverings, making bathroom elements such as washbasins and bathtubs and even for creating kitchen countertops, due to its antibacterial and additives free composition.

The exhibition was a success, something that the place chosen for the event contributed to, and it is located in an old factory in the Kurst metropolitan area. A centre of 75,000 square meters that hosts leading architects, designers, suppliers and distributors of Moscow, where also leisure areas and cafés have a place, besides art galleries and young talent workshops.

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