Сентябрь 2, 2015 | Updated: Январь 25, 2019


KRION® World Wide Events, in Latin America

Recently, and in collaboration with Festool machinery company, KRION® staff have gone on an instructive tour under KRION® World Wide Events through different Latin American countries, such as Chile, Costa Rica or Mexico.

This way, PORCELANOSA Grupo is preparing professional certificates capable of strengthening all the purity of this mineral compact and make it achieve unique applications in any place in the world.

KRION® Solid Surface, the state-of-the-art solid surface, is a material with a high versatility whose applications turn out to be practically endless. Thanks to its thermocurved properties, the material makes creating jointless spaces and shapes possible, which wouldn’t be possible if other conventional materials were used.

Its anti-bacterial and high-resistance properties go hand in hand with its easy-handling, since it is handled in a similar way to wood. That is the reason why the number of professionals who trust in this innovative material for their projects is increasingly growing.

Therefore, the firm does want professionals to get to know the possibilities and handling secrets of this material by organising workshops and instructive courses all over the world, thus, aiming at the specialisation of demanding professionals who are determined to work with this innovative material.

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