Апрель 7, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Find out Air Slate Selection, the new flexible natural stone laminate by L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial has once again succeeded in surprising architecture and interior design professionals thanks to its new range of reduced-thickness natural stone laminates, in other words, Air Slate Selection, having been presented as an important innovation at the 22nd Global Architecture International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group.

With a thickness of between 0.2 and 0.4cm, and depending on natural surface variations and reliefs, L’Antic Colonial has managed to get a light flexible product which makes its 240x120cm and barely 5kg in weight, and with pieces that are easier to manage as well. Furthermore, this new natural stone laminate increases the traditional covering possibilities greatly, since it can be installed even on curved areas.

In order to achieve this surprising result, Air Slate Selection laminates have a thin layer (barely a few microns) of natural stone to which a thin layer of fibreglass has been applied for reinforcement with the aim of getting a resistant material and hence greater flexion. All these technical properties make both the transport and installation processes easier, and what’s more, they can be cut using a radial cutter.

Therefore, the options offered by this new covering by L’Antic Colonial go beyond wall tiling, in other words, it can be used for covering washbasins, columns and on any surface. In addition to this, its lightness and flexibility makes Air Slate Selection ideal for refurbishments as well as for covering large areas.

The Air Slate Selection range features the same beautiful variety of slates  that are available in the L’Antic Colonial catalogue, with thinner and lighter models of natural stone collections such as Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu and Kashmir, plus some new ones: Metal, Charcoal, Forest and Graphite.

The professionals in charge of the Jestico + Whiles Studio have already experienced the versatility and the technical performance of this new product, since they had it included in the creation of their Signature Space  for the L’Antic Colonial showroom. The selected model was Air Slate Bombay, used by the designers to cover a part of the space structure as well as the washbasin and the dresser.

With the aim of achieving excellent results by using Air Slate Selection, a one-component  adhesive is required, such as Politech or a polyurethane mastic (P404 is recommended), both of them by Butech. The following video shows the technical specification and the installation procedures of the L’Antic Colonial natural stone laminate.

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