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Finalists of the 7th Porcelanosa Awards: Jesús Torné Valle

Continuing the review of the finalist projects of the seventh edition of the Architecture and Interior Design awards organised by PORCELANOSA Group this year, let’s look at the project submitted by Jesús Torné Valle in the professional section of the contest’s Projects of the Future category.The interior designer has created a shop based on a modular concept in which the space is laid out through a system of boxes, panels and technical profiles which combine to adapt themselves to the space, making the maximum use of it. In turn, these elements can also be used as supports for monitors and graphic communication, and even for displaying products.This is the functionality of the design that the creator has conceived for this showroom, allowing it to be used as a physical shop and also for exhibitions and international trade fairs in which the Group’s firms regularly participate.The design presents a fluid route with ambient, well defined spaces where different products and materials are clearly displayed. In the reception an exhibition route begins at the meeting point of a counter and a waiting area which gives access to the warehouse, the bathrooms and the facilities’ offices.To give continuity to the exhibition route, Torné has included the design of the main rooms of a household, with a domestic sized bathroom, dressing room and living room, also creating a facade. Additionally, the area dedicated to the office bar is split with the kitchen area, separated by relaxation area.Krion® is another of the resources used to give unity to the design. The solid surface developed by PORCELANOSA Group is present in very different pieces such as a textured panel which works as a partition between atmospheres, a counter, or even sculptures, which give an idea of the multiple applications possible with this versatile compact mineral.Don’t miss the complete album on Flickr about this project, checkit out following this link.

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