Июль 23, 2014 | Updated: Декабрь 19, 2018


Finalists of the 7th Porcelanosa Awards: Eduardo Meneses (Estudio Tres GKAO)

Among the finalist projects in the seventh edition of the Architecture and Interior Design Awards is the submission by Eduardo Meneses, from the Estudio Tres GKAO studio, under the title “8 Columns and a Gesture; a Mosaic”.Eduardo Meneses has designed a 600 metre square shop spread out over two floors. On the lower floor we find a square space with a diagonally symmetrical layout where each element acquires symbolic dimension.Thus, representing the eight firms of the PORCELANOSA Group, 8 columns covered in white Krion® and backlit in their upper area work as organisational elements of the exhibition hall. Two vegetable ventilated facade systems by Butech indicate the two lateral hallways that set out the route of the visit around the facilities.Additionally, referencing the Group’s firms’ passion for design, a spiral staircase made from Krion® and visible from outside dominates the space as if it were a floating banner. This central element allows access to the upper floor of the facilities, where the cafeteria is found among the exhibition dedicated to Gamadecor’s kitchens.The mosaic referenced in the project’s title is found outside the building, on a reticulated facade made of white Krion® that simulate pieces of stone, ceramic, metal or wood, in a clear allusion to the different categories of the company’s products, and bringing together the diversity of the products made by the eight firms of the PORCELANOSA Group.

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