Апрель 2, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


estudi{H}ac amazes once again with new accessories in the men{H}ir collection

The men{H}ir collection, inspired by Stonehenge, maintains its elegant and sculptural design from the first accessories of the series. Estudi{H}ac has created a bathroom collection with personality, soft curves and suggesting lines , which now includes new fittings.

A new bathtub, two new mirrors, various shelves in three different sizes and a unit module enhances the customisable possibilities of this peculiar series, offering multiple combination options.

What really stands out among the new collection’s elements is the freestanding bathtub made of natural stone, due to its sculptural character. In line with the men{h}ir Stand wash basin aesthetics, this new bathtub has incorporated a small circular table for different objects and utensils, increasing the user’s comfort.

Another notable aspect is the sturdy design of the new men{H}ir 3C furniture which comes with a three-draw large capacity module and a natural stone worktop which can be combined with the washbasin. The warmth of the wood contrasts with the soft shapes of this element on the furniture.

José Manuel Ferrero, the creative director of the estudi{H}ac, explains the creative process of the collection and how the studio achieved this light-weight stone without losing its sturdiness in the following video.

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