Декабрь 30, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Durability and resistance for homes with Urbatek and XLight

The aesthetic beauty and the extensive variety of designs of the Urbatek porcelain tile flooring and the XLight extra-fine technical ceramic are the two main reasons which lead architects and interior designers to use these materials which offer unbeatable performance thanks to their structure and production process.

The technical advantages of the full-mass porcelain tile are due to their composition of strong raw materials, as well as a special manufacturing system in which the tiles are submitted to a compaction process greater than that of other ceramic products and firing at very high temperatures.

The result is a highly durable and resistant material, which also has a low porosity and minimal water absorption. These technical characteristics make Urbatek technical porcelain an ideal material for areas with stricter requirements, such as large surfaces with a high volume of traffic and industrial buildings.

However, there is increasing demand for technical ceramics in domestic environments, to create highly resistant exterior floors and ventilated facades, for general flooring in common areas – foyers, hallways, living rooms, kitchens – for creating comfortable bedrooms and studies, or even for the stylish flooring and covering of kitchens and bathrooms. Likewise, Urbatek has anti-slip versions which allow a formal coherence to be achieved between interior spaces and exterior terraces, even suitable for installation in poolside areas thanks to its low level of absorption.

The elegance and simplicity of their designs, in addition to a neutral but varied palette of colours, allow the Urbatek and XLight collections to adapt to decorative pieces and furniture elements of all styles, always maintaining their simple, distinguished personality. Furthermore, the low thickness of XLight makes the fine technical ceramic a perfect material for speeding up renovations, as it can be installed directly on top of the previous covering without the need for removal.

Additionally, the realism of the marble imitation porcelain tile, and the natural stone is another great advantage for the Urbatek technical porcelain tile coverings and the XLight light technical ceramic, as they perfectly reproduce the appearance and veining of these materials at a lower cost.

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