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Discovering By Architect Publications

Disseminating the constant technical and aesthetic advances, which expand the horizons of the architects and interior designers worldwide, is an admiring task. Thus, today we are going to focus on one of the best known publishers in the field: By Architect Publications.

The company’s years of experience in the publishing sector and a nurtured team that is trained by experts in architecture and interior design have made By Architects one of the benchmark publishing houses on an international scale.

An indication of the importance of this publisher is the renowned professionals and firms such as César Portela, MBM Oriol Bohigas, Sordo Madaleno, Cervera and Pioz, Ángel Luis Tendero (Alt Arquitectura), Cadavid Arquitectos, Alonso and Balaguer, Tony Owen or Javier Barba who have collaborated with them throughout their careers, by means of monographs and other types of publications.

At present, By Architects work has been translated into more than 14 languages, being printed in nearly 50 countries and reaching 170 countries in a digital format. Therefore, their books can be found among the best publishers in the display windows of some of the most renowned technical bookshops worldwide, and is the most downloaded publisher internationally.

Keep up to date with the innovations of By Architects by subscribing to its newsletter, via the web. You can also download their applications for iPhone or Android devices on App Store and Google Play.

Watch an example of By Architect’s work in this video:

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