Июнь 26, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018

Корпоративная информация

Discover the new L’Antic Colonial website

L’Antic Colonial, being true to their commitment to adapt to the main trends in design, has renewed its website with a more contemporary design and new functions to facilitate browsing.

The new website is based on a “one-page” format, facilitating browsing for the user as they have direct access to all the content. This concept is becoming more and more popular in the design of websites all over the world.

The appealing images of the products and settings on the corporative webpage of this company belonging to PORCELANOSA Group maintain the typical elegant and simple aesthetics of L’Antic Colonial. The audiovisual content is also highly important, implementing the company’s philosophy with a corporative video embedded on the homepage.

This new design unifies the appearance and online presence of the trademark visually, creating a coherent style based on the use of common elements, such as fonts, colour range and icons. Furthermore the site comes with a responsive design, automatically adapting to the screens of different devices –computers, Smartphone’s and tablets-, allowing the user to access the content without any problems with resolution.

The new website includes a section for the Signature Spaces which are designed with materials from L’Antic Colonial by renowned professionals every year, in order to configure the company’s showroom.

Don’t wait any longer to discover our new L’Antic Colonial website. Click here.

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