Февраль 26, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Designer’s Spaces 2015 by L’Antic Colonial: The Natural Bath, by Francesc Rifé

Francesc Rifé offers a functional bathroom in which the natural materials of L’Antic Colonial are prominent, being present in each and every corner of this poetic space. The simple appearance of the different elements which make up the space contrasts with the nobility of the natural materials used for its construction.

The Habana Brown natural stone in its Sand Home finish has been used as a flooring and covering in the space, combined with the Manhattan Narrow Liberty natural wood, used for some details, bringing warmth to the space. On the ceiling a mirror effect doubles the space, increasing the visual sensation of size.

The designer has also used these same materials from L’Antic Colonial to create two different bathroom elements, seen in the impressive washbasin and bathtub combination, whose formal simplicity contributes to enhancing the beauty of the natural stone. In this area, the designer uses a double depth, taking advantage of the existing space between the bathroom elements and the rear wall for storage. The washbasin is completed with Forma taps by Noken, which perfectly fit in with the aesthetic of the atmosphere through the simplicity of their lines.

The large shower, with a shower head by Noken set into the ceiling, is located on a lattice designed by Francesc Rifé, and also made from the Habana Brown covering by L’Antic Colonial. In this way, the natural materials are used for different parts of the bathroom atmosphere proposed by Rifé, at the same time as visually bringing together the whole space, forming a unitary whole.

The Natural Bath perfectly captures the essence of the philosophy of Francesc Rifé’s studio, based on order and geometric production as a basis for achieving spatial stability. These are the premises which have applied to each and every one of the studio’s creations, both in interior design and industrial design projects, since its foundation in Barcelona in 1994.

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