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Design according to Olivier Lapidus: Exclusivity

Differentiation and detail are the keys to exclusivity for designer Olivier Lapidus, being two essential elements for seducing the user, both in fashion design and in interior design. These are two worlds in which the French creator has gained first-hand knowledge.

In an industrial world in which the end client wishes to feel unique, brands must work to offer products which are versatile and easily combinable, in the same way as a blazer may be combined with a skirt or trousers. This is why, according to the French creator, we find ourselves immersed in a universe that must be demolished to be reconstructed afterwards, to “seduce with the idea of something unique”.

After a brilliant career in the world of haute-couture, Lapidus made the great leap to interior decoration with PORCELANOSA Grupo with the development of the interior design of the Parisian Hotel Félicien and later with the design of a suite for the Room Studio event, within the Equip’Hotel 2014 international exhibition.

Entering the world of interior design for the first time, Olivier Lapidus was inspired by the world of fashion to create a hotel that instils glamour in each every corner. As if working on a catwalk, Lapidus created an atmosphere in which the use of colours and materials is developed through the different rooms, where the pieces of furniture, carpets and curtains were also chosen by the fashion designer.

In order to achieve comfortable and exclusive atmospheres, each element is adapted to the space, integrating to create a harmonious but distinctive atmosphere. This is the case of the rooms’ bathrooms, where Urban taps by Noken, personalised with the logo of the Hotel, and the cosmopolitan toilets of the Urban and Arquitect collections, as well as the comforting Neptune shower heads with rain effect have been installed, all by Noken.

Don’t miss the following video with the testimony from the designer that Noken has prepared to celebrate its 15th anniversary, giving a brief review of one of the star projects of the firm.

Photography: Serge Ramelli.

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