Сентябрь 2, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Customised formats cut by water jet

Urbatek uses water jet cutting to give its pieces of technical porcelain appealing forms. It is a sustainable option which allows perfect finishes to be achieved and which broadens the variety of possibilities for architecture and interior design professionals when undertaking projects, going beyond the traditional square or rectangular format of ceramic pieces.This system involves firing a high pressure jet of water which allows materials as different as ceramic or natural stone to be cut with total freedom. Due to the great strength of the technical porcelain by PORCELANOSA Group, the water mixes with other abrasive materials such as clay and glass to cut ceramic pieces with ease.This is an increasingly frequent process in the ceramic sector due to its utility and excellent results, as its great precision means that retouching is not needed in the majority of occasions. Furthermore, as tools are not used to make the cut, residual tension which can wear away the pieces is avoided, and as heat sources are not used, the finish of the pieces is not affected.Unlike other techniques such as laser cutting, as heat is not produced, the energy consumption of the process is considerably reduced. Furthermore, this system does not create any type of pollution by emitting gases, making it an environmentally friendly technique.Thus, Urbatek broadens the possibilities of its technical porcelain collections with circular lines, curves and organic forms which allow architects and interior designers to obtain customised designs for their most original projects.

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