Январь 29, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Combinations: A universe of combinations for unique spaces

The captivating mix&match trend is clear in Combinations, a new catalogue aimed at spurring on the creativity in the interior design throughout the combination of ceramic collections containing designs and textures which are inspired in different kind of materials.

Professionals and design lovers are offered by Porcelanosa a unique guideline. It consists of ideas about settings where floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles  emulating natural wood, cement surfaces and collections inspired in the traditional hydraulic tiles are brought together. Above all, it fosters the possibility to create unique compositions from the original sample range that each of the ceramic pieces produces.

 Among the numerous options, and because of its freshness and originality, it is a must to highlight the combinations where the traditional touch of the hydraulic tiles is strengthened and suitable to get an atmosphere where the vintage character is fully expressed. Therefore, we can find various designs combining decorative surfaces together with the comfortable look of the wood.

As far as the most daring is concerned, Porcelanosa offers chess-pattern ceramic floor tiles, which have been created by combining flat pieces and organic flowered motifs, embedded tapestries by cement-like ceramic stones, or combinations where the hydraulic tiles are laid on a ceramic parquet floor tile as a kind of rug.

It is worth highlighting the contrasts where the warmth of the appearance of wood smooths the rough presence of cement on floors and walls. An idea illustrated in the bathroom spaces where Park wall tiles are combined together with Ascot ceramic parquet, or the use of the Provenza model is combined together with the Rodano ceramic stone.

The result of combining these three styles of floor and ceramic wall tiles is that we find carefree proposals as attractive as those raised in the bathroom created with Park & Antique wall tiles, the lounge featuring the Barcelona & Chester models, or the restaurant designed with Antique and Oxford  and the Rhone floor tile.

Get your catalogue and be inspired by the endless possibilities of Porcelanosa’s porcelain tile: download Combinations 2015.

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