Апрель 9, 2014 | Updated: Январь 23, 2019


Calacatta by L’Antic Colonial: sculptured natural stone washbasins

L’Antic Colonial used the select Calcatta marble for their new bathroom creations. The firm showcased a new bathroom collection, made with this natural stone for the 21st PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition.

There are five models in this series, all of which are defined by classic geometric shapes that create sculptural, timeless and beautiful washbasins. The distinctive veining on this marble is the main focus for the different proposals in the series: Calacatta Piazza and Calacatta Circolare, in a small 40x40cm size and Calacatta Rettangolare, Calacatta Elisse and Calacatta Ovale, in a larger 40×84.5cm size.

Each one of the washbasins is sculptured in one exclusive natural stone block and traditionally handcrafted, therefore achieving unique pieces. A final polished handmade finish completes the Calcatta washbasins by L’Antic Colonial, creating unique, pleasant and silky to touch pieces.

The combination of straight lines and suggesting curves create dynamic elements with a sensation of visual lightness, in despite of the apparent robustness of stone. The washbasin is elevated by means of a small leg, making the piece appear to be light, and achieving harmonious and elegant spaces.

The washbasin’s large capacity is another pro for this collection, with 15cm high and 2cm thick walls which enhances the beauty and functionality of the design. The drain plug is also made of Calcatta marble and comes in the same finish so it fits in perfectly with each piece and completes the space.

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