Январь 21, 2015 | Updated: Декабрь 19, 2018


Butech’s Colorstuk Cleaner and Colorstuk Sealer: joints always perfect

Maintenance of wall and floor tiles from PORCELANOSA Group firms is a simple process which does not require a great deal of dedication. However, if we want the joints between ceramic tiles to maintain a perfect appearance over time, it is necessary to have quality products that are able to ensure a perfect finish.

With awareness of this need in mind, and always attentive to customer feedback, both professional and private, from Butech, two new products have been launched in order to able to care for and clean ceramic floor and wall tile joints of PORCELANOSA Group in bathroom environments in general and, especially for shower joints, preventing colour change in relation to the effects of humidity and time.

Colourstuk Cleaner y Colourstuk Sealer are the two new proposals from Butech that facilitate and improve the maintenance of ceramic floor and wall tile joints.

Colourstuk Cleaner is a new cleaner for tile joints with a cement base, suitable for removing stains and accumulated dirt, as well as recovering the original colour of the board. This new Butech’s product is especially recommended for Colourstruck sealed joints maintenance.

Meanwhile, Colourstuk Sealer is a colourless water repellent protector, ideal for sealing and protecting tile joints with a cement base which prevents the effects of water, oils and accidental spills. This product impregnates in depth and consolidates mortar installation joints, thereby reducing water absorption and making them easier to be cleaned.

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