Июль 9, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018

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Butech renews its web thinking about professionals

Being aware of the importance of keeping up with the latest aesthetic communicative trends, Butech has improved its corporate web in order to provide buildingprofessionals with access to all the informationabout the firm’s materials and building systems, which are necessary for the growth of its work.

With a more modern and simplified appearance, the News section by PORCELANOSA Grupo has been highlighted in the home not only thanks to some information about the latest façade projects developed by Butech, but also because of some events that the firm takes part in and the latest designs for building systems and materials developed by the firm.

Likewise, the usability of the site has been highly improved by means of a section where all the Products of the firm have been categorised in order to make access to relevant detailed information about Butech building systems easier. In each of the product categoriesthe user will be able to find product file which givesaccess to the selection of materials and products as well as technical materials which are very useful for project designers, highlighting CAD Details and Consumer Guides among other technical tools.

All the technical videos of the products by Butech, and building systems have been gathered on the new website, as well as a Private Area for the members of the Professional Class program, the PorcelanosaGrupo loyalty card for professionals.

In addition to that, Butech’s new website contains a Download section where one can find information and materials designed to make architects and interior designers’ work easier. It is in this section where the construction professionals will find a range from practical catalogues in several languages –news, projects, restorations, guidebooks about geothermal energy, technical books for façade systems, raised access flooring, suspended ceilings…- to architect requirements and consumer guides.

Finally, and in order to facilitate the communication between customers and users, the webpage is available in three languages –English, French and Spanish- and contains links to the firm’s social networks, specialising in building systems byPORCELANOSA Grupo in TwitterYouTube and Flickr.

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