Июль 15, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Architecture according to Nadia Borrás: a sensory experience

Seducing, provoking and generating unique sensorial experiences is the big aim in design and architecture for Nadia Borrás, the director in Interior Design for Sordo Madaleno Architects, a studio that operates with over 90 design experts, all of whom are in agreement with the excellence that has contributed to the changing of the architectural framework in Mexico.

With some 20 years of professional experience, this renowned Mexican architect has developed y applied his vision of design in corporate buildings, commercial, hotels, residential and health, all in which he has contributed an electrical vision of architecture, where aesthetic functionality is combined with structural logic.

According to the Mexican architect: In reality, designing is like the alchemy, it’s about finding a harmonic way to combine, assemble, coordinate and transform various ingredients with passion and clarity in order to satisfy a need, and what’s more, cause a sensation.

Nadia Borrás brings the world closer to a conceptual design in which both the inside and the outside become one unique timeless and harmonic atmosphere, one in which the space directs the atmosphere.

In order to achieve just that, the architect tackles what is considered to be the major aim: to innovate. According to Nadia, technology promotes quick changes and innovation is a constant challenge, and for this reason, it must be taken as both an attitude and an agreement by society. Underneath this reality, both interior designers and architects need to be surrounded by products that count on the necessary ingredients in order to always be able to develop an innovative project such as the materials and products for Noken and Porcelanosa Groups’s bathroom features, where design and technology are combined in each piece.

Today, we focus our attention on magnetism of the Mexican architect, Nadia Borrás, and we invite you to discover this architect’s experience under her watchful eye in the video that she dedicates to us in order to commemorate  Noken’s 15th anniversary.

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