17 February 2021


Ideas for decorating teenagers' bedrooms with a modern edge

For these rooms, a sense of tidiness and light is paramount. Here are some suggestions from PORCELANOSA Group with room schemes based on neutral tones, sliding door wardrobes and simple textiles.

Colors like young people's bedrooms are a very important element of the home. A teenager's room isn't just somewhere they go to rest in comfort - it also needs to be a modern space that reflects the personal style of the young person themself.

Decorating a teenager's bedroom and getting it just right might seem like a challenge because of how versatile it needs to be. It isn't just the place they go to sleep, but it's often where they study and relax too.



Depending on how the bedroom will be used, teenager's bedroom the style and need for decoration will vary Here are some tips from PORCELANOSA Group for decorating and personalising the space with pieces they're going to love.

A multifunctional space

For teenagers, bedrooms are about more than creating a comfortable place to sleep.

Teens spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, and it's important to address all the different things they need: choose a comfortable bed, enough storage space for all their belongings and, of course, a study area where concentration is guaranteed.

The colour palette

You need to steer clear of childish colours - they key to getting a modern look in your teen's bedroom is to think about two fundamental factors:

It needs to be fresh and up to date, and it needs to give the space a tranquil and comforting feel.

It's therefore a good idea to move away from colours that are too strong or garish (think oranges, blacks, reds): they might seem like a good idea in the short term, but over time they're not the best option because they're just not conducive to relaxation or peace.

 Residential complex, Elche, Spain

Architecture: Francisco Sanchiz 

When choosing your floor, opt for warmth and timelessness

Warmth is fundamental to bedrooms, and this is the case for teenagers' bedrooms too. And what better way to add warmth to a space than a wooden floor?

The possibilities are endless. PORCELANOSA Group offers a number of interesting options, such as its Par-Ker® Devon Bone and Smart Tanzania Almond designs. This flooring offers a perfect visual representation of wood, but combines it with the easy maintenance and cleaning of a ceramic floor.

If you're looking for something classic, we recommend L'Antic Colonial natural parqueth in Advance and Monarch designs.

Whether it's natural or not, wood flooring makes for an elegant and warm bedroom. Not only is this an attractive option for a young person's bedroom, but you need to think about the fact you may need to convert the bedroom into a more restrained looking space in the future.

Wardrobes with effective storage

Storage space is another aspect you need to take into account when designing a teen's bedroom.

Effective storage for clothes and all the other bits and pieces teens keep in their rooms is key to keeping the space tidy and clean.

Having a good wardrobe with a minimalist look, where you can store clothes in an orderly fashion could be just the right option, such as Fushion F1.80 Bisón Leather by Gamadecor.

Noken Porcelanosa teenager's bathroom

Young person's en-suite

The latest trends, and our needs, often lead to us separating the spaces within the home.

En-suite bathrooms are often a great (and practical) solution for giving young people the space they need when getting ready to go out or for relaxing in the shower.

Noken has various solutions for this part of the home, such as its Noken Thermotrust and Noken Safe Stop systems which guarantee taps remain at a safe temperature.

The Edge, Malaga, Spain.

Architect: Rafael de La-Hoz

Interior photography: Femont Galvan Designers Marbella.

Bathroom and terrace photography: Heidi Gubbins.

Exterior photographyNani de Pérez

Added bonus: collaboration

Teenagers' bedrooms are a space where you can really play around with layout, colours and style in general.

Every young person is different, and it's important for their bedroom to reflect their personality. But never forget how quickly teens change their minds about what they like. This is why it's a good idea to incorporate more neutral elements - such as the flooring - that guarantee the room will always look timeless, and leave your more daring ideas for the textiles, artwork, murals and headboards etc.

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