June 26, 2019


XTONExperience finishes its events season

Santander was the last stop on the tour of Spain that XTONE undertook, which took just over one month to do.

Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Madrid and Santander all enjoyed the showcookings and the technical demonstrations in the company of none other than Michelin star chefs.

In May, XTONE got its tour of the main Spanish cities underway. Event-like presentations which brought together some 300 architects and interior designers who were able to see the technical characteristics and the numerous possibilities that this material possesses up close.

The Porcelanosa showroom was the very last stop on the tour, which also included other leading Spanish cities, such as: Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Madrid. Stages on which the versatility and adaptation features of XTONE were showcased, in a format which previously, was completely unknown.

Showcookings with some special guests

With Dani García, the three Michelin Star chef in Malaga and those ever present foodies: Marta Simonet in Palma; Inés Basterra from @hoycomemossano in Sevilla; Chef Bosquet in Madrid and Carolina Ferrer in Santander, our kitchens turned into the perfect place to be in every sense of the word.

Features such as: scratch and high temperature resistant, waterproof and the easy cleaning regarding the worktops, were all on show to enhance how the exquisite cooking turned out.

Technical Demonstrations

With the 150cm x 300cm XTONE piece being showcased in its real size as a kind of starting point, in every event, those in attendance were able to see just how the placement of the material transformed into different cuts for the wall tiles in a bathroom atmosphere.

The marble masons linked to the Ingramar, Marbres Illes, SaveuC, Cantera Viva and Pefersa areas, oversaw how XTONE is handled in order to get the perfect space adaptation with custom-made cuts.

Lastly, events which, have brought important professionals from the sector together in order to push the limits of the product, as well as enjoying that all important XTONE experience. With these five destinations, this brings the curtain down on the tour which looks certain to grow even more next season.

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