February 27, 2019 | Updated: February 28, 2019


XTONE from Urbatek, the most complete solution for architects and interior designers

This large-format porcelain has been manufactured with natural minerals and it comes in a thickness of 12mm.

Its composition avoids the proliferation of fungi, bacteria, dirt accumulation and it resists high and low temperatures as well.

The XTONE large-format porcelain tile from Urbatek has become one of the most complete solutions for architects and interior designers. Its custom-made design (Tailored design) presents a huge number of possibilities for surfaces, furniture and façades.


Made with quality natural minerals, XTONE is characterised by its high technical performance in the most demanding projects. Its anti-bacterial and hygienic properties avoid the proliferation of both fungi and bacteria, and on top of that, it does not release volatile organic compounds. Since we are dealing with a zero-porosity piece, liquids and gases are not absorbed, so odour accumulation is therefore avoided.

With a 10-year guarantee, this porcelain is resistant to high and low temperatures, climatic changes and UV rays. Its capacity to absorb energy shocks stops it from getting scratched easily because of its slight 12mm thickness and its compositional solidity.

Uniform-lined ceramic distinction

The XTONE collections combine the elegance of stone and the technical properties of ceramic, along with its veining which, creates a visual continuity through each uniform line.


With 19 collections and ten different tones, this material can be used for flooring or wall tiles in structures such as counters, tables or countertops. Its high resistance to weather changes and waterproofing makes it become the key solution for façades and interiors alike.

Endless architectural equity.

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