5 August 2021


XTONE seeks harmony with nature through its new collections

The Urbatek brand has recreated the lushness of the forest and beauty of natural stone through green hues and infinite pieces.

Connecting with nature through design. This is the key message conveyed by the new XTONE collections, with green, brown, beige and white tones and incredibly organic textures.

Onice Green bathroom.

Large format, organic design

Urbatek's sintered mineral compact (PORCELANOSA Group) seeks to reconnect individuals with their surroundings, through large format, marble inspired tiles measuring 120 cm x 120 cm, 120 cm x 250 cm and 150 cm x 300 cm. One such example is Alpi Verde (polished finish, in 6 mm thickness), an intense green collection with white veins and a natural shine that will make rooms feel brighter.

This same link with the Earth runs through Calacatta Green, one of XTONE's most exclusive collections. The diffuse veins in lime and more muted shades of green grace walls with an impressionist colour palette, echoing roots reaching across the surface. Available in two different finishes: Polished and Silk (6 mm).

Green is also the dominant color of Onice Green, with broad lines reminiscent of Eastern volcanic light, available in Polished and Silk finishes and in a 6 mm thickness.

XTONE, a new way of seeing and defending biodiversity.

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