August 1, 2019


XTONE Glem White: intense crystalline veining full of freshness and elegance

The XTONE sintered mineral is included in the Glem White collection with two big formats: 150cm x 300cm and 150cm x 150cm.

The collection itself allows for visual continuity which gives a greater feeling of spaciousness.

XTONE banks on both brightness and freshness in the Glem White collection. The versatility of this material which comes with exceptional technical features makes its application on any type of surface or in any area possible: worktops, wall tiles, floor tiles and furniture. Because of the brightness that it gives to the Glem White pearly surface, installing it makes it become a light source in the very same atmosphere.


Endless veining that creates visual continuity

The XTONE Glem White collection is especially suitable for atmospheres where visual enlargement is sought-after through linear continuity.

The series banks on 4 designs, whose veining oozes continuity. In this way, sensations can be created with greater breadth that are enhanced with the great deal of brightness that the soft tones give off. Greys, light browns and beige all seep between the veining, in a set which not only provides elegance but also sobriety. As well as that, we have the finishes, namely: Nature and Polished; together with the following three formats: 154cm x 328cm, 150cm x 300cm and 150cm x 150cm. The three thicknesses are: 6mm, 9mm and 12 mm. All this, and more, go towards setting up a space which has its very own personality.


The XTONE guarantee

XTONE is a material compact which allows for each and every type of architectural idea to be brought to life. A resource base for designs which counts on numerous collections based on marble, stone and cement; adaptable to any type of project. It is a sintered material which is made from incredibly pure raw materials which are resistant to the most extreme determining factors. Waterproof, hygienic and long-lasting; XTONE has become a functional and aesthetical solution which more than meets the needs of the most demanding architecture and interior design.

XTONE Glem White: brightness, unlimited ideas and solutions.


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