May 6, 2024


XTONE at Casa Decor: a tribute to national talent

In a new edition of Casa Decor, XTONE participates with some of its most outstanding porcelain and natural stone collections.

From 11 April until 26 May, the emblematic Palacio de la Trinidad becomes a fascinating enclave to showcase the most avant-garde designs and the latest trends in the field of architecture and interior design. Discover the projects where you will find XTONE’s most distinguished designs in Casa Decor.

casa decor 2024- ntrada terraza exterior jysk estudiomo

Villa Calma. Ode to the Mediterranean essence

In a Mediterranean oasis with Scandinavian influences in the heart of Madrid, STUDIO MO’s space for JYSK, and with the collaboration of XTONE, invites attendees to give free rein to their emotions and let themselves go on a journey full of sensations, aromas and small details that envelop them in a little piece of paradise.

The combination of furniture with Nordic lines, fibre details and neutral and warm textiles contributes to create a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Divided into an indoor and garden area, the space seamlessly combines the most significant features of the Mediterranean coastline and Danish culture, highlighting the natural beauty of both landscapes among flowers, citrus fruits, wood and la piedra natural Altissima (XTONE).

The entrance to this atmosphere is a clear representation of the importance of the biophilic concept in interiors for professionals in the sector. For this purpose, different materials, finishes and textures are combined, where a large natural stone counter Altissima Selvaggio Green welcomes all lovers of design, architecture and interior design.

In a perfect balance, a palette of colours and different XTONE porcelain tiles(Alpinus White, Neda and Ars Beige) guide guests into the ‘Kristine’ lounge, a space where luxury merges with the simplicity and freshness of Danish furniture.

The true protagonist of the room is the Altissima Rosso Magno natural stone, a piece located on the front wall of the living room that highlights the essence of luxury and the majesty of the material. At the same time, the room is enveloped by a careful selection of porcelain tiles, Ars Beige and Taj Mahal; a dreamy combination that accompanies the walls of the space.

Under the elements of the space, a pavement characterised by its unique design, combining different porcelain materials: Ele, Ars Beige and Taj Mahal. A work designed in detail and made to measure: a tribute to Mother Nature by the sea.

Shamash Temple: The Dawn. Ode to a Majestic Civilisation

Miguel Muñoz, who won the award for Best Project in the 2023 edition with the space designed for GEBERIT, repeats this year with the firm. In addition, the firm XTONE in Casa Decor intervenes in this space. With this atmosphere, Muñoz transports the visitor to the history of Mesopotamian civilisation through elements that have their origins in these peoples and that have become, over time, everyday pieces in the world of architecture.

The space is divided by imposing arches that reserve the bathroom area, where a large rising sun of Montreal White porcelain tile extends over the Moon White flooring, both by XTONE, merging with each of the arches that dominate the space.

As the centrepiece of the room, a double washbasin unit with Pangea natural stone backsplash by Altissima, whose wild and dramatic design brings character and personality to the piece, focusing the visitor’s attention and contrasting with its neutral body.

Under the elements of the space, a floor designed to detail, combines the naturalness of the beige tones of porcelain Montreal White with the light of Moon White. On the latter, the shadow of the arches is drawn in a very fine line of XTONE Liem Dark, simulating the light of dawn through the arches.

A grandiose tribute, meticulously designed to bring every vestige of Mesopotamia into the present. A marvellous project that fuses avant-garde design with the purest architectural tradition.

XTONE’s presence at Casa Decor demonstrates the versatility and delicacy of its designs. In a new edition of Casa Decor, XTONE applies its materials, projecting the technical, conceptual and graphic richness intrinsic to the firm’s porcelain and natural stone collections.

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