March 12, 2020


XTONE goes beyond the limits in its “Beyond the line” campaign

Urbatek launches a brand movie to promote the latest collections of its compact sintered mineral and its potential in construction projects.

The Calacatta Green and Oxide Grey series, which are among the new products shown in the spot, combine character with extreme delicacy.

XTONE breaks away from conventional advertising in its new campaign. With the slogan “Beyond the line“, the spot that Urbatek, a company in the PORCELANOSA Group, has just launched on its official channels shows the infinite possibilities of this compact sintered mineral.

Produced by laQuadra, this brand movie shows the innovative features and quality of the latest collections of XTONE, with Calacatta Green and Oxide Grey in the spotlight. “Behind the Beyond the line concept there is a hidden world that needed to be revealed. This is the creative concept that served as the basis for XTONE’s brand movie. Just as the product is different, the video had to be different,” Nacho Sánchez, Director of laQuadra, and Quique Colomer, creative director of The Serious agency, declared during the presentation of the product at Urbatek’s premises.

The Calacatta Green tiles show marked green veins, simulating the growth of roots. Available in 150 cm x 300 cm, 120 cm x 250 cm and 120 cm x 120 cm formats, they can be adapted to any type of surface, giving spaces a more organic feel. Oxide Grey brings the nuances of rusted steel to a large format and creates new possibilities for spaces because of the absence of joints and the bright textures concentrated on its surface.

4 Beyond the line XTone Urbatek Porcelanosa

Imagination without barriers

Integrated design and unlimited spaces are central to XTONE’s new collections, which were presented at Cersaie 2019 and the 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture and Interior Design.

5 Beyond the line XTone Urbatek Porcelanosa

Based on exclusive natural materials, Calacatta Green and Oxide Grey are the best example of a new generation of ceramic products that combine sustainability, minimalism and elegance in each series. This is also reflected in the soundtrack of Beyond the Line, the work of musician, composer and producer Alex Font. “In this audiovisual piece the brand speaks to us through an evocative discourse going beyond the limits of narrative. A new way of telling things, where the viewer is drawn into the story to experiment with materials, making the impossible a reality”, concludes Pablo Ruiz, Urbatek’s Manager.

3 Beyond the line XTone Urbatek Porcelanosa

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