April 6, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


New XLight Stark and Craft: extra-slim porcelain for minimal-industrial atmospheres

Both industrial and minimal styles are two widespread decorative trends in contemporary interior designs around the world. Both decorative trends are sometimes intermingled through the design of urban spaces in the 50s, by stripping everything down to the bare essentials.

In this minimal-industrial style it is worth highlighting the wide spacious atmospheres, with few decorative elements and a predominance of sober and light colours with lots of light. It is also worth mentioning the materials used, inspired by concrete, the cement, and even with other ‘stripped bare’ products.

Stark and Craft: the new cement-effect XLight series by Urbatek

The PORCELANOSA Group, always bearing in mind the latest trends in architecture and interior design, keeps on reinventing its materials and designs, by offering the highest quality and full adaptability to all the decorative styles.

In order to meet the needs of these industrial styles of minimal nature, at the 24th International Exhibition, the firm increased its XLight Stark and Craft series, done by Urbatek.


It is cement turned into the large-format extra-slim porcelain tile.  A piece inspired by an industrial style which has become an exclusive unique series for highly-modern interior designs. Apart from its cement-inspired appearance, Stark has all the properties of the XLight porcelain tile of Urbatek: high durability, easy to install and to maintain, large format, and can be used in large-scale projects.

This model is available in four different finishes: Stark White, inspired by the most refined clays, and with a uniform surface in an off-white tone; Stark Sand, imitating traditional clay with a high level of warmth and brightness; Stark Grey, in a neutral base and ash grey colour; and Stark Black, which reminds us of brown overlapping volcanic lava.


Craft is inspired by the limescale weathered stucco surfaces over cement textures. It is a luxury finish for minimal-industrial atmospheres able to get all the decorative attention because of its distinctive fineness and austerity.

Craft, furthermore, is characterised by being an innovative collection framed in the new large-format XLight product collection with a high percentage of recycled matter. This is achieved by starting from an echo-efficient productive cycle with the minimum environmental impact: that of the Ciclik philosophy. Collections created by a working methodology which combine a new continuous press system and non-enamelled decoration, with the reedition of waste materials and pollutant products during the whole procedure, from the production to the packaging.

Craft White is a stucco cement-inspiring extra-slim porcelain tile  only 6mm thick and available in two formats: 120×120 cm and 120×250 cm; suitable for residential flooring  and coverings. The porcelain tile is therefore light in weight despite its large format, which enables great speed when carrying out work.

Apart from its technical features and minimum environmental impact because of its composition based on recycled material, Craft offers architecture a unique aesthetical result, with a sophisticated continuous effect and an excellent range of grey tones full of elegance and brightness.

Stark and Ciclik, in other words, the new large-format series by Urbatek, available in the XLight catalogue from the firm belonging to the PORCELANOSA Group.

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