February 7, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The new XLight Premium presentation video: luxury material to inspire your projects

On the occasion of the 24th Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition organised by the PORCELANOSA Group from February 13th to 17th, Urbatek has prepared an inspiring audio-visual piece about its exclusive XLight Premium. A material that is high-level luxury and sophisticated, which, following the research and development line of the XLight large-format through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek, it is presented in a new version, inspired by marble and aimed at Premium projects.

An evocative material which stands out because of its versatility, resistance and endless uses. These are the main features that Urbatek has wanted to showcase in this presentation video; XLight Premium, a product suitable for all kind of applications.

Its quality, elegance and extreme durability make it the ideal element to include in all kind of projects, such as large-format façades, flooring and indoor and outdoor  wall tiles; as well as kitchen worktops or bathrooms. A contemporary ceramic development which strives to offer endless solutions for architecture and interior design, and whose inspiration is portrayed in this new video.

XLight Premium: the matter

The XLight Premium high-range extra-slim porcelain tile is an element which goes beyond the application limits. We are dealing with a product with a unique and high-level beauty quality, inspired by a fine, classical and excellent material like marble is.

Large format

Among the advantages offered by the XLight Premium, one can find its large format, which is available in 120x250cm, and 120x120cm. XLight turns out to be a sample of the new ceramic technologies applied to architecture and design. A sophisticated versatile solution for demanding and large-scale projects.

Lightness and toughness

Because of being only 6mm thick, its lightness is one of the main advantages of XLight. It is a format that is specially aimed at being applied on indoor residential flooring, wall tiles and façades, and it can be used for furniture covering as well.

100% durability

Durability is one of the other highlighted features from XLight Premium by Urbatek: it is waterproof and non-porous; it remains unaffected by both solar radiation (UV) and solvents and chemicals; it is resistant to abrasion and thermal shock, non-flammable and fire-resistant. Additionally, it has anti-bacterial properties and it is an incorruptible material when up against both fungi and bacteria; it shows great realism simulating the natural material that it is inspired by.

Other features

Apart from all the previously mentioned advantages, XLight Premium by Urbatek is characterised by being a hygienic surface, zero-absorption and capable of being used in wet areas where there is water about. Furthermore, it has easy cleaning and maintenance properties and highly resistant to high temperatures.

XLight Premium is present at the 24th PORCELANOSA Group Exhibition

After its presentation at the Bologna Fair, Cersaie 2016, XLight Premium will be present at the Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition in an outstanding space in Urbatek’s showroom. The firm will present the big array of applications by this unique extra-slim porcelain tile, and also the new marble-inspired colour tones: XLight Premium Nylo and XLight Premium Porto.

Urbatek will highlight this innovative space by giving XLight an important role, designed to inspire professionals, and to bring any project to life.

Visit the 24th PORCELANOSA Group Exhibition from February 13th to 17th, 2017.

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