July 20, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


XLight Basic. Summer in full colour to refresh architecture

In summer, architecture and interior design take on a new meaning and a new dimension because if there is a perfect time to unleash creativity and let ideas flow, that is, undoubtedly, in summer. That period when freshness, energy and vitality blend and merge seamlessly to carry out projects in the most intense and vibrant tones.

The Xlight extra slim ceramic slat from Urbatek is that ideal material, as it gives both meaning and shape to ideas because, regardless of its high quality and ease of installation even in the most ambitious ventilated facades, it offers great versatility and a range of tones.

Just like coloured paper, the XLight porcelain tile single colour range from Urbatek covers the most elegant projects in white, black, grey and clay tones, to the most vivid and daring colours, like walking through the four seasons of the year. The series that brings this variety of tones is the Xlight Basic collection, whose large format and adaptability to any surface and space make it suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Thus, the Xlight Basic ceramic slat is available in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; each with the characteristics of a season that may well meet the demands of summer. While Xlight Basic Summer shows warm and reddish summer tones, paying a special tribute to the most harmonious evening. The Xlight Basic Winter is inspired by the sea with both a Mediterranean essence and the marine freshness. The Basic Xlight Autumn, meanwhile, is set in yellow tones and does so with the most intense sun, in its essentiality to illuminate the rooms. The Xlight Basic Spring suggests, however, freshness, and it takes the green colours that nature itself offers.

XLight from Urbatek offers a 100×300 cm large format and an amazing lightness, with only 3.5cm thick and 8 kg per square metre. Its ease of handling favours its installation as a wall tile, both indoors and outdoors. It can be used by the building systems from Butech in ventilated facades and enhance energy efficiency.

The ability to draw the shape of the pieces and adapt them to every idea and project, as well as its resistance to chemicals, abrasion, fire and frosts, and even ultraviolet rays, are other particular properties that make XLight an optimum material for contemporary architecture.

Refresh your architecture and experience a full colour summer with XLight Basic.

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