January 3, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


XL wall tiles by Porcelanosa: big solutions for big projects

With the aim of offering new revolutionary solutions for architecture and interior design, the PORCELANOSA Group creates its XL wall tile collection, in a larger format than those that the firm had sold before.

The main purpose about creating large formats for ceramic wall tiles, is not only to reduce the installation times, mainly in large-scale projects, but also to have joint reduction between the pieces. In this way, a more continuous homogeneous surface is achieved, therefore, its uniformity, elegance and beauty are considerably enhanced.

These new XL ceramic wall tiles from the firm, Porcelanosa, are included in the Premium Collection series, meaning, the selection of exclusive products from the PORCELANOSA Group for high-luxury and prestigious projects. Their format is now 45x120x1 cm, therefore, it outnumbers the previous larger format of: 31,56×59,2 cm.

A huge number of designs for Premium projects

In this series of monoporous XL wall tiles, Porcelanosa offers several designs in this large format.

-By being inspired by the classical allure of marble, one can find the Persia, Traverino Medici, Venezia and Carrara collections, all of them capable of providing any architectural or interior design project with excellence and timelessness.

– However, on the basis of the cement’s industrial character and the vintage style of the hydraulic tiles, one can find the Toscana collection and its decoration. They are designs capable of providing spaces with authenticity and unprecedented aesthetic value.

-Furthermore, Marmi and Filo are the single-coloured XL wall tiles by Porcelanosa, offering more restrained minimalist designs but with a high level of charm.

-Last, but not least, we can find Spiga, a relief collection which is capable of impressing, and providing the most outstanding spaces in the house with dynamism and uniqueness.

In conclusion, it is a step forward regarding wall tiles which achieves a ceramic piece union and uniformity: a revolutionary innovative solution that helps the biggest projects.


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