May 1, 2024


The richness of avant-garde architecture in a workspace

This imposing two-storey workspace is conceived as a sculptural expression, where white and curved lines predominate.

Aldimesa, a company dedicated to the distribution and sale of implants and surgical instruments for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology, has built a building with contemporary architecture to establish its workspace. To do so, it has used different materials from Porcelanosa Grupo, achieving an avant-garde image.

On the outside of the workspace, a fachada ventilada with Krion® K-Life 1100, by Butech, has been installed. The material’s ability to adapt to any shape makes curved lines particularly relevant. In this way, they give dynamism and character to the aesthetics of the building. In the disruptive conception of the project, an opening has been made in the wing of the building. This achieves a perfect integration between architecture and vegetation in the same space.

Krion® K-Life 1100 becomes the main protagonist, being applied not only in exteriors, but also in interior elements. Thus, the Porcelanosa Grupo solid surface can be found in the cafeteria bar, integrating the illuminated company logo. In the kitchen used by the employees, which is clad with XTONE Moon White porcelain tiles, the worktop is also made of Krion.

Brightness and functionality in a workspace

The interiors of the building are configured in such a way that the independent and open spaces are interconnected around the central area. Aldimesa, dedicated to the healthcare sector, has opted for a neutral interior design which projects a clean image. For this, the Bottega White flooring (PORCELANOSA) has been chosen, which has also been used to cover the stairs. White has also been used on the walls and doors of this workspace.

The point of colour is found in the furniture, creating a perfect contrast. Natural lighting is a key factor in this workspace, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The ceiling has been fitted with decorative light fittings, which enhance the sensation of spaciousness and luminosity.

The vinyl flooring, resistant to traffic and water, and perfect for soundproofing, has been another of the project’s bets. Linkfloor Roll Contract Graphite (L’ Antic Colonial) has been used in the shared work areas and offices. On the other hand, Linkfloor Roll Contract Cotton (L’ Antic Colonial) has been used for the projection room.

For the floor of the outdoor space on the second level, Par-ker® Smart Tanzania Nut (PORCELANOSA) wood-effect ceramic tiles have been installed. Regarding the terrace flooring, the outdoor raised access floor model, Thic’ker Tanzania Topo (Butech), has been used. In addition, the technical solutions firm has used laying and jointing material, enabling an excellent final finish.

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