April 21, 2016


Wood Wall Mosaics: from pure wood to interior designs

Natural wood is one of the favourite materials and trends when giving personality to any interior design. Its genuineness, warmth and purity come out from the depths of the forest, providing the natural wood wall tiles with an essential sense, capable of both impressing and becoming unique.

Within its wide range of natural wood mosaics, the Wood Wall collection from L’Antic Colonial really stands out, with a torn oak wooden panel series and an oil matte finish in a 60x24x0,5cm format.

Wood Wall: the trusted quality material for contemporary spaces

This new series of natural wood wall tiles takes the nobility, which is the inherent characteristic of this material that fits perfectly and harmoniously in a pure and contemporary environment.

Additionally, its structure is made up of different oak pieces that are completely unequal, appealing to the unique character of all material extracted directly from nature. With the brilliant end result of creating volumetries on the walls, which are a great distinctive visual sign in any room.

The Wood Wall series of mosaics from L’Antic Colonial is as elegant as it is exclusive. It is available in four different models: Pure, light wood; Anthracite, in a dark grey tone; Chrome, in a light grayish wood appearance; and Bronze in a dark wood colour. Its application is intended for interior wall tiles, which take on both a personality and a life of their own.


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