January 2, 2023


Discover all there is to know about heated towel rails, the best options for bathrooms in winter

In this post we answer different questions about this practical and functional device that is found in this space

Getting out of the shower or a relaxing bath and having your towel or robe ready to wrap you up all cosy and warm is one of the greatest pleasures you can experience during the coldest months of the year. Different shapes and designs for heated towel rails, an element that is intended to drive away moisture from fabrics, keeps the bathroom warm and decorates the room.

How a heated towel rail works

The towel rails can be divided into three main categories:

  • Water heated towel rails: directly connected to the water heater of the house, allowing for energy savings. They are often used in houses that are prepared for cold weather, as the towel rail is activated at the same temperature as when the heating is switched on.
  • Electric heated towel rails: directly connected to the electrics and exclusively for your use. It does not need to be switched on for long and it can be programmed depending on the user's needs. There are two options: simple, easy to switch on and off; and the other allows for customisation using the thermostat to choose the temperature and time of use.
  • Mixed heated towel rails: you can use it in winter with the water heated version, and in warmer temperatures with the electric function for specific times.

Towel heater size

The number of people using the bathroom should be taken into consideration when deciding on the towel rail. Heated towel rails that are wider and have more slots are a good option when three or more people use the bathroom. If, on the other hand, the bathroom is used by one or two people, a smaller towel rail is preferred.

Where to mount a heated towel rail?

To install a towel heater, the only thing you need is a free wall in the bathroom. This will depend on the dimensions of the room and the layout of the furniture and the different fittings.

It is common to mount the heated towel rail above the toilet. Another place where it can be installed is next to the washbasin, provided we respect the minimum safety distance from the washbasin and the bathtub (60 centimetres). This option will allow us to dry our hands using a warm towel.

How high up should the heated towel rail be mounted in the bathroom?

Heated towel rails are usually mounted at shoulder height, allowing users to easily grab towels and robes. The standard height is 1.5 metres, although it is important that the measurement suits the height of the users, ensuring ease of use.

The perfect towel rail design

Towel heaters enhance comfort and warmth in the bathroom, as well as being an additional decorative element. With this in mind, the different shapes and finishes of the heated towel rails by Noken elevate the interior design of the space.

  • Round. It is all about the curves. The perfect example of the bold trend, this heated towel rail combines minimalism with soft forms: a smooth elegance, perceptible to our senses and available in Finish Studio finishes, such as gold and matt black.
  • Square. Characterised by its rectilinear design, which makes it a sculptural piece. Available in matt black and chrome. It gives the bathroom a modern look and character.
  • TONO. This towel rail is a design from the exclusive Noken collection by the Foster+Partners studio. The brushed stainless steel finish is an ode to minimalism and elegance.
  • Essence. It has a different aesthetic from the rest, resembling a decorative panel. In white, chrome or matt black, it includes a set of hangers.

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