18 August 2020


Ways to organise your bathroom using PORCELANOSA Group collections

Modular furniture, compartmentalised drawers, wood-effect ceramic floor and wall tiles and single-lever taps are among our suggestions for gaining space and adding style to your home.


The bathroom has gone from being a room isolated from the rest of the house to a sanctuary designed for the user's wellbeing. Connecting this room with the rest of the property is possible thanks to PORCELANOSA Group’s stylish collections, whose clean lines and natural finishes make any bathroom lighter and more spacious.

Modular units from Gamadecor, single-lever mixer taps by Noken and PORCELANOSA's ceramic floor and wall tiles are among our suggestions for a well-organised bathroom.

1. Extra storage in a single drawer

For a comfortable and unique bathroom, our suggestion would be to include a bathroom unit with divided drawers and extra storage capacity. These qualities are to be found in the Blind Roble Alba by Gamadecor. Manufactured with natural wood from sustainable forests, this unit has a shutter system that can be customised according to the type of project.

 This bathroom features the Square black-finish taps by Noken and Devon Bone wood-effect ceramic flooring by Porcelanosa. 

2. Design that adapts to each bathroom 

If you want to gain space and improve hygiene in the bathroom, you can choose furniture Last, with a flexible design that adapts to the room without wasting space. The different modules in the series Last can be combined to suit the user thanks to their flexible measurements and different finishes: gloss and matt lacquer, silk touch laminate and oak veneer. 

This bathroom has been designed with the Form single-lever mixer tap by Noken and Porcelanosa's Devon Riviera ceramic floor tiles, whose strength and smooth surface give a feeling of warmth.

Last Roble Noche Contains a main drawer hidden under the washbasin and there are two convenient surround surfaces to hold bathroom organisers or baskets. This type of unit goes well with PAR-KER™ ceramic parquet Devon , whose surface reproduces the grain and knots of natural wood and makes the bathroom look warmer.

3. Shared storage 

Another solution proposed by Gamadecor uses furniture with shared storage space. This is the case with Last Wind Mate. Its two large drawers can include organisers and increase your bathroom's storage capacity.

Noken's chrome finish Forma taps and the Devon Riviera flooring complete the design of this modernist bathroom.

Another option is to separate the bathroom into two halves so that different members of the household have an area assigned to them. An interior design trick to create greater harmony in the bathroom involves using more natural flooring such as Vancouver or rust coloured tiles such as Ferroker.

Cubica Blanco mosaic tiles


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