August 19, 2021


Fitwall® Wave: where concrete meets the sea

These Krion decorative panels recreate the waves of the Mediterranean, turning walls into infinite murals in 100% realistic finishes.

Nature meets high-tech in Wave decorative panels from the Fitwall® (Krion) range, with irregular undulating forms.

The PORCELANOSA Group brand has added to its Concrete line with pieces that take inspiration from the movement of the sea and the contrasts of industrial materials used in architecture today (concrete, cement and stone).

A subtly shaded futuristic design

Designed for large-scale residential and commercial projects, Fitwall® stands out for its versatility (it can be used to clad vertical walls, furnishings or other equipment) and sustainable composition.

The designs in this range - manufactured with minerals, resin and recycled PET - use pigments and digital techniques to replicate natural textures, and come in a 3340 mm x 1330 x 52 mm format. "We've driven technology forward in production, giving us the ability to perfect our finishes with surfaces that mimic wood, limestone and fired clay" states a Krion representative.

Wave represents this balanced and organic collection at its most artistic, turning walls into expressionist murals in every shade: White Sand, Ocre Sand and Grey Sand.

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