January 10, 2022 | Updated: June 8, 2023


Butech's best solutions for waterproofing your home

Butech has designed a series of innovative waterproofing systems to protect walls and floors from rain and moisture.

Heavy rain and adverse weather conditions can reduce the effectiveness of insulation and endanger the conservation of floors and walls. To prevent this from happening and ensure that construction materials maintain their technical properties intact, the Butech company in the PORCELANOSA Group has designed a series of waterproof products that improve safety in the home, on terraces and even in swimming pools. If ceramic tiles are used, the company recommends the use of Sylastic Premium. This single-component mortar applied in two coats ensures that water will not filter through.

Better insulation and less installation time

This is a waterproofing product with excellent adhesive properties and deformability and is compatible with adhesives for installing ceramic tiles. The main advantages of Sylastic Premium, compared to similar products on the market, are its minimum thickness (2 mm) and its versatility. It can be used in bathrooms (shower trays and cabinets), outdoor terraces, roofs, balconies, swimming pools, basements and cisterns.

If you are thinking of refurbishing your home to ensure that no water or damp can enter the main rooms, Butech offers you a series of tips for applying its new waterproofing product to ceramic surfaces.

  • Examine the space in which you will apply Sylastic Premium, in case of any damage or gaps through which water could enter. If you find a fault, we recommend you to contact an expert.
  • If the area has no faults, start to prepare the installation base.
  • Mix clean water with a small amount of Sylastic in a container (see manufacturer's instructions).
  • Use an electric mixer to form a uniform creamy mass without lumps.
  • Apply a first layer on the floor or the wall where the tiles are to be fitted. Continue until the whole area is covered, always working in the same direction.
  • Allow to dry for six hours.
  • Apply a second layer of Sylastic Premium, working at right angles to the first (1 kg/m2). Wait 24 hours to install ceramic floor or wall tiles in a normal room. Wait up to 4 days if you are preparing an area where there will be water (swimming pools, terraces).

Safer and healthier bathrooms

To waterproof bathrooms or large spaces in contact with water (swimming pools, gardens or spas), we recommend you to use Butech's waterproof strip and seal the joins between surfaces. This will prevent the filtration of water or moisture in corners, making your home a safer, healthier, and more hygienic place.

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