August 14, 2019 | Updated: August 27, 2019


Waterforest: the sustainable commitment by Noken which saves up to 89% of water

The PORCELANOSA Group bathroom company launches the #SaveTheWaterForest campaign to create sustainable consumption habits and to take care of the natural resources of the environment.

The products and solutions which have this label reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions and environmental impacts, encouraging the obtainment of certificates such as LEED and BREEAM for sustainable buildings.

Noken, the bathroom company from PORCELANOSA Group, has created the WaterForest initiative to encourage responsible water use, reduce CO2 emissions and excessive natural resource consumption. Hence, these pieces and bathroom taps allow 89% of water to be saved in housing projects, restaurants and hotels, as well as streamlining the electricity consumption. Through its R + D + I department, this company has implemented a series of sustainable and intelligent products with technology with, environmental friendliness as the main priority.

Different models and a clear objective: Sustainability

  • Dual ECO flush for toilets.

The traditional flush systems used to consume 9 litres per use, and this led to a greater consumption of water. To combat this, Noken has opted for the dual ECO-FLUSH system for toilets. This mechanism uses up 6/3 litres or 4.5/3 litres, saving up to 61% of water.


Toilet Essence-C

  • AIR ECO technology for shower heads and hand showers.

The AIR ECO system for shower heads and hand showers mixes water with air, and furthermore, its own mechanism reduces its consumption by 10% and CO2 emissions as well.

If the usage in a standard shower is 20 litres per minute, with AIR ECO, it is limited to 6 litres per minute. This figure in percentage terms means 70% less in consumption.


Shower Head Neptune Slim

  • Taps with a cold opening system.

 The cold opening activates the hot water only when people need it. In this way, the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emitted by heaters and boilers can be controlled when the water cools down.

  • ECO aerator in taps.

The ECO aerators limit the flow to a fixed value which is independent from pressure, reducing water consumption by up to 89%. The standard consumption per user varies from 12 litres per minute to 1.3 litres per minute, depending on the taps and the compatible aerator.


Tap Round

  • Thermostatic taps for showers.

With the thermostatic shower taps, the temperature of the water is regulated more quickly than in the single lever shower and it is maintained for a longer time without hardly consuming any energy at all.


Thermostatic tap Touch&Feel

  • Mirrors and wall lights with LED technology

The LED lighting with the mirrors consumes 80% less energy, producing the same amount of light with greater permanence.

Certified sustainability for buildings and hotels: BREEAM and LEED

The WaterForest ecological range by Noken saves energy and natural assets. Its sustainable composition is backed by international certificates for sustainable buildings such as LEED and BREEAM.

In the case of hotel projects, these certificates encourage the obtainment of star points, making them design and sustainable accommodation.

A configurator which controls the use of water

To raise public awareness about lower water and energy consumption being possible, Noken has created a configurator with the aim of both raising awareness and re-educating people in daily water consumption. This is the message that was sent out in the #SaveTheWaterForest sensory structure which the company included in its space at the 26th PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition. There, visitors were able to get to know what the actual water consumption generated by the shower was, as well as the use of the toilet and how they could change their habits with WaterForest products.




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